As artists, we create music, for you; The one who doesn’t fit in a box, feels like an outcast, or who seeks to see our colorful world with eyes of inclusion and empathy. We are simple people in a complex world. With all the noise and chaos in the world, our passion is connecting with you, whether through song or conversation, and find ways to tell stories that entertain, suspend reality, and most importantly tell the truth in the process.

Music is magical. Music inspires, relaxes, refreshes, and recharges. There is a sudden reset of mood, a frame of mind, ease of being. Feeling the rhythm keeps you and I dancing and tames tensions. Like magic, music helps us to connect with each other. Music is a universal language. Music has no prejudice of race, religion, culture, or age. We remember what matters. It’s what brought us, “Brittany and Chadwick”, together. The first night we started “seeing” each other, we literally stayed up all night listening to music, connecting through past favorite songs until the sunrise. Let’s experience that magic together.

Music and the art of it – is our common denominator. We believe everyone has a story. And those stories are what connect us. We have a passion for God and his people. Getting to know us and our story, will help you understand why we’re not only passionate about music, but also passionate about justice & equality in everything we do. Which every human being deserves

We’re not perfect! We’re just doing this thing called life, and adding music to it, to make it a little more fun. The love and passion for each other, and for music, is shared with those in our audience. Our mission is to uplift, energize, and bring you a party🎉! We entertain with alternative dance music; that blends, nu-disco, soulful vocals, funk, future bass vibes, into a melodic high energy Pop package. Giving you those old school vibes with a new school flare! It’s something you just can’t sit to, let the grooves move ya! Come join our journey of life, love, and music. Let’s take this journey together. Sign up to our mailing list, for an exclusive unreleased single, and for all things The W’s. You don’t want to miss out! 😉

With Love and Good Vibes,
The W’s

What we do

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit Tip of My Tongue Entertainment. Since 2014 we have officially been providing live musical entertainment, for clients, and crowds all over South Florida. Our travels in the past and currently have led us to tours – performances in the USA, Europe, Africa, Singapore, and the Caribbean’s.

The company’s top entertainment is the duo, The W’s. Whether giving you high energy entertainment or just vib’n out in an unplugged lounge setting, this husband & wife musical duo, will draw you in & give you a show! This combination of talent, The Watkins (hence the name, The W’s), is Chadwick Watkins, giving you soul, funk, rock vibes & Brittany Starr James-Watkins, the soul, pop, nu disco dancing queen. The W’s book as small as their duo up to a 10 piece band for corporate events, private parties, club dates, festivals and more. Their show consists of Top 40 old school Soul to Rock classics with their own twist to new school Dance hits. The W’s is gearing up for their upcoming EP release this June 2020; which is a mix of

Pop/alternative/soul/future bass/retro/funk vibes. Their love between each other is on display in their lyrics, leaving you feeling ‘uplifted’ and ‘entertained’! Escape with The W’s, whether at your next private party or catching all their latest music and videos online. A for sure mood booster!

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